TRUST ME: Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase!

Silk Pillowcase

It is no secret that frizz forms as a result of too much agitation. Curly hair can be agitated in many ways which is why it can often times be difficult to control. But, for those of us that take the time to love, keep up, and care for our curls the results are outstanding! Always keep in mind that curly hair is like sex, because the more love you put into it the better it will be.

One thing that I have always preached to my family and friends was that you should never use a towel to dry your hair. The reason is a towel acts like sandpaper to your scalp in that it causes a ton of friction and we all know that friction leads to frizz. Thus, as far as I’m concerned a towel should be avoided at all costs! But, there is always exceptions to rules and this one is no different. Towels are allowed if they are microfiber. Microfiber towels are definitely the way to go if you are going to dry your hair.

On the other hand, one thing that I never knew was just how amazing a silk pillowcase is for curls!!!! I’ve read about the benefits on forums/articles and I’ve heard a couple of my lady friends talk about it as well. But, I was hesitant, not only because of the steep price, but also because it sounded way to girly! Yet, after years and years of hearing about all the benefits I decided that it was time to buy one for myself. The results? Well, let me tell you my friends, they have been outstanding. It’s definitely worth repeating. The results have been outstanding!!!

I could talk all day about how much I love my silk pillowcase, but I just do not have the time. So, I think the best way to do this is to list my top three reasons why you should own a silk pillowcase!

  1. Think about how much time you spend sleeping. Now, think about how much time your face rests on your pillow. Chances are high that your face spends hours and hours scrunched on your cotton pillow. The thing is, cotton is a fabric that absorbs heat and it is not nearly as smooth as silk. SInce it’s not smooth it causes friction and like I mentioned earlier, friction leads to frizz!
  2. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help you reduce split ends and you’ll wake up with a fresher head of hair, guaranteed. Don’t believe me? Then just ask around and/or check out what others online have to say. There used to be days that when I walk down stairs in the morning my family would just laugh, because my fro was wild and out of control! One thing that’s definitely changed since I got my silk pillowcase is the amount of laughter – it doesn’t happen at all now!
  3. Owning a silk pillowcase gives you a sense of accomplishment, plain and simple. Silk has a luxurious feel to it and when you’re sleeping on it you feel like a king/queen! I slept on a cotton pillow case for 22 years, because I didn’t know that anything better existed. Now that I know how awesome a silk pillowcase is I will never go back. Not only because it is super comfortable, but because I feel like a rockstar at night!

I used to think that a silk pillowcase was wayyyy to expensive and girly. But, after doing tons of tons of shopping and making phone calls I made a connection with a manufacturer that is hooking us up! When you get the chance, check out our shop to see the official GRO YO FRO silk pillow case. 100% silk and 100% GRO YO FRO, can it get any better??

….. The merchandise will be available in late July. Until then, all you’ll see is the description, so stay tuned to see what we’ve been working on : )