I’m super excited to feature the lovely Nandi from the one and only Hair of Heritage blog. She is Swedish, yes fellas, I said Swedish, and she runs a fantastic blog that I visit frequently! The thing that I like most about her is that she posts frequently, so I know that every time I visit I’ll have something new to read. It’s not only the frequency of her posts though, because content is huge as well. Regardless if you are just learning about curly hair or are experienced, I’m sure that you will learn a thing or two after visiting her blog!

A couple of weeks ago I got in touch with her to see if she would be interested in writing a post for us and fortunately she agreed : ) Best of all though, I sent her a couple of questions and I am absolutely ecstatic to hear her answers!! Once she replies back with them I’ll post asap.

Hair of Heritage’s Go To Hair Style

This style can be done in so many variations and hair lengths, that’s why I love it. Most of the time I wear my hair in this style the days before wash day, or if I’m really busy and can’t re-do my hair on a daily basis. This style can be casual as well as it can be worn at a special occasion (I wore this style at my friend’s wedding two years ago).

Hair of Heritage

For this style I use: water spray bottle, wide tooth comb, gel, two bobby pins and a hair tie to used during styling.

I start by parting the hair the way I want into two sections. Use the hair tie to hold the section I’m not starting on, then I wet the hair a bit and gently comb through it as I add some gel before I start braiding. This style can be braided, french braid or flat twisted, I love all variations. I braid (cornrow style) all the way to the end (the ends can also be left lose and gathered to a bun or pony tail at the nape or behind one ear), then repeat on the other side. I use bobby pins to fasten the ends in the way I want. The ends can be tucked away as a protective style.

To maintain this style all I do is wrap it with my silk scarf at night. Very simple and easy to maintain!

Hair of Heritage Picture

If you liked her style, then make your way over to her blog & instagram! Also, don’t forget that I’ll be posting up her answers to my questions soon ; )