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I recently featured one of Nandi’s posts, but I wanted to get to know her a bit better. So, I asked her if she had a couple of minutes to spare to answer some questions that I have been super curious to know! Fortunately, she agreed and I am excited to share her responses. I also must mention that if you have any other questions for her then you can feel free to message her yourself. Her contact info is at the bottom and she is very friendly!

Hair of Heritage Interview Three

1) I think the best way to start off an interview is to break the ice. This way all the people involved can have a good laugh before getting to know each other! So, with that said, I have a question for you : ) When have you laughed the hardest? Have you ever laughed so hard that you cried?

I laughed when I read this! I laugh a lot, my daughter makes me laugh a lot, my friends as well. I laughed so hard that I cried recently when me and one of my closest friends were putting together furniture from IKEA, we were both tired and were totally messing up what we were doing.

2) Out of alllllll the things to blog about in this planet, why on earth would you blog about curly hair? Who/what was your inspiration and for how much longer do you see yourself doing it? Where do you want your blog to be in the next 5, 10, 30 years?

I started the blog for many reasons; I was considering a webshop but was not ready for the commitment, I had learned so much about how to care for curly hair and I wanted to share what I learnt (pay it forward) and I love to write. I don’t know who inspired me really… I guess reading other hair blogs. I love the blog and can’t see myself quitting it any time soon. Thanks to the blog I’ve come in contact with and met a lot of amazing people that I never would have met otherwise. My long time goals for the blog are doing more events in Scandinavia, I really enjoy doing events. I hope the blog grows and can continue to inspire others to love their hair.

3) Does your significant other/parents/friends give you a hard time about your natural hair? How often do you hear positive comments and how often do you hear negative ones? Speaking of relationship, could you ever date a bald or straight haired guy? How much does hair style play into your consideration when choosing a mate?

My boyfriend loves my hair and when I talk about shaving it off he’s not happy. I mostly get positive comments on my hair. Living in Sweden where most people have straight hair I do get a lot of ignorant questions though. I’ve had people ask me if my hair is this curly naturally or if I curl it, if I can comb it, etc. I also have a ridiculous amount of encounters with people touching my hair (which I hate), strangers as well as people I know like co-workers. Never dated a bald guy, but I’ve dated guys with straight hair. I don’t see hair style playing into my consideration when picking a man really… I don’t like really long hair on men though, unless he’s got locs.

4) What do you do when your not blogging?

Live my life ;)

5) What do you think separates you from the other curly hair bloggers out there? Personally, I like your choice of topics and that you update frequently, so I know that when I visit I will most likely see a new article. But, what is your strategy?

I think one thing that separates me is the fact that I live in Sweden. The natural hair scene here is very small, and together with other bloggers and webshops we are trying to build it and make things happen. My strategy (I’m going to pretend that I have a master plan, lol) is to post at least twice a week. I’ve always got back up posts for times when I don’t feel inspired so I have something to put out there when needed. I try to post things that I would like to read myself or that I think would be information that would benefit my readers. I also love Twitter so I tweet a lot, but try to keep most of my tweets hair related. My latest obsession is Instagram.

6) Share something with us that you wouldn’t share with your parents!

I’m a blogger! Lol! My parents have no idea I have a blog, so there you go ;)


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