Awesome fro land hair



Now blast me off, I want to take off like a torpedo,
To the place where people have a fro, up top and down low,
A land filled with palm trees,
A nice cool sea breeze,
& the water is always 80 degrees,
A land started by individuals,
That grew tired of the relaxed hair criminals,
They couldn’t stand societies false accusations,
Their daily frustrations and horrible radio stations,
We got to get up out of here, is what the founders said,
They wanted a land of their own where everyone has a curly head,
So they jumped on a boat to head out, but no were specific,
Hoped to just find an island in the pacific…
Let’s dream,
Close your eyes,
Yes, it’s time to fantasize,
I’ll be your guide, take you on a tour,
Show you this place that’s so magical and pure,
Day dream with me baby…
Take my hand and let’s go to fro land!


Sexy fro land hair


Bush couldn’t become president in this land,
Because there you’ve got to have a fro to be in command,
And the corporations understand,
That it’s not the hair,
It’s your skills and how much cash you can put in their hand,
And the people understand that curly hair is a gene,
And not just a race thing, you know what I mean
Use a hair straightener and you’ll face jail time,
Severe punishment man that’s a hell of a crime,
Nobody is searching for compliments,
Because they are confident,
It’s evident, their intelligence is excellent,
Right here, right now, we’re united and delighted,
Because every where we look we’re reminded,
That life is beautiful and so we’re celebrating,
Black and white, we’re going to party all night,
No confrontations, only pure sensations,
In the beautiful island nation of fro land!
Guy On Fro Land