Curls 101: Curl Type Explanation

Shout out to JessiCurl for the example! It is important that you understand what kind of curl type you have, because then that will make your whole hair care routine simpler. The reason is you will know what kind of products to buy, how to look for help online, and how to ask friends for advice. One of the most beautiful things about curly hair is that there is different variations. In other words, curly hair can be classified four different ways. Compare this to straight hair where all you have is one – straight.

While viewing this curl type explanation you may find that you have more than one. But, have no fear as that is completely normal. As a matter of fact, what is not normal is having a single hair type throughout your head. This is why caring for curly hair can be pretty difficult since you have to become familiar with the different curl types and their personalities.

Curl Type Explanation

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