FUNNY OR BRILLIANT: Hanging Upside Down For Curl Growth

I originally found this article on Black Girl Long Hair and found it to be super interesting. I knew that people would do anything and pay an arm and a leg to promote curl growth, but I wouldn’t have ever imagined hanging upside down. The first time I looked at the article I laughed, did you? But, after some thought, it actually does make sense – if you get more blood to your scalp then it would lead to greater hair growth, right?

After some Google searches, I came across testimonies from many people claiming that the technique has worked for them (they even show pictures as proof). Basically, the hanging upside down, aka inversion method, for hair growth is when you turn your head upside down for up to five minutes for seven consecutive days. Once you’re right side up you follow-up with a scalp massage using your favorite oil. For more information about the techniques and to check out other people’s experiences with it, check out the Curly Nikki thread by clicking here. 

curl growth

I respect somebody’s decision to do it and I would have absolutely no problem if my friends did it, but I think that I am going to pass on this one. What are your thoughts on the inversion method for curl growth??