FEATURING: Heather Mogel. CEO of Cre Hair Studio

For those of you that are not aware, I am from a suburb about 30 minutes east of Los Angeles in a town called Phillips Ranch. It’s a beautiful area, but unfortunately there are not many curly hair specialists here and of the ones that I’ve been to none of them have given me any desire to go back. Actually, I remember years ago when I was about seven or eight, I went to the Fantastic Sams down the street and had the absolute worst experience of my life! To make a long story short, the b***h pulled and yanked my hair to the point that I started crying! I was too shy at the time to tell her to stop, but once my mom saw what was happening she quickly pulled me off of the seat and we left! I’ve never been back or will go back to a Fantastic Sams again…

Since then I’ve gone in and out of salons. I’ve tried to find one that would make me feel comfortable and give me a great looking trim at an affordable price. The last trim I had at a salon must have been about three years ago, because either my mom, girlfriend, or myself has done it haha! So, I guess that it comes as no surprise that I have noticed my fro growing out uneven! LOL

About a month ago I started searching google for a local salon that specializes in curly hair. What I found was a beautiful looking site that belonged to “Cre Hair Studio”. So, I immediately sent them an email asking them when their next available appointment was! Next thing I know, I have an appointment set for August 13!

I also asked if they would be willing to write a blog post for us : ) fortunately, the CEO, Heather Mogel, said that she would love to! So, without further ado, below is Heather’s post about how to keep curls healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Enjoy friends!!!

Cre Hair Studio

How to Keep Curls Healthy, Shiny, and Beautiful!

As a stylist, my goal is to help people learn how to keep their curls healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Curly hair is so amazing! However, many people with curly hair don’t always feel it is such a blessing. Often times I find that people are going about taking care of their curly hair all wrong and that their expectations for the care of and finished look are unrealistic.

Many with curly hair get frustrated because they want to “just get up and go” in the morning with hair that has no frizz, lots of shine, and perfectly even curls from root to end. I am sad to say that the majority of the time that just isn’t going to happen. You may have days here or there when the weather is great and you get lucky enough to wake up and look perfect! However, most of the time curly hair requires just a little more maintenance than that. Try not to look at taking care of your hair as a chore, but more of an investment in yourself and your well-being. Have fun with your hair. Anyone rocking beautiful, healthy, and shiny curls automatically looks incredible!

Cre Hair Studio

Anyone with texture can attest that curly hair almost always tends to be dryer than hair with other textures. Because of this I recommend anyone with curly hair to not over wash. At MOST, shampoo every other day. However, I feel an even better schedule would be as follows:

  1. Day 1: Shampoo (that has no petroleum-based sulfates) and Condition, or for added moisture, use a Conditioning Treatment or treatment masque with a highly moisturizing product.
  2. Day 2: No Shampoo or Conditioner. Use a shower cap if needed to avoid frizzing your hair.
  3. Day 3: Condition your hair only with a daily moisturizing conditioner. If your hair feels greasy on this day you can use your conditioner like a shampoo. The oils in the conditioner will help break up the oils on the scalp. Massage the conditioner into the scalp then run it roots to ends and rinse. Your hair may feel slightly oilier the first couple weeks but, trust me, it will adjust itself.
  4. Day 4: No Shampoo or Conditioner. Use a shower cap if needed to avoid frizzing your hair.
  5. Day 5: Start the schedule over shampoo and conditioner or a Conditioning Treatment. **Schedule a professional deep conditioning treatment at your salon every 6 weeks.

Remember that brushing and over manipulating curly hair causes frizz. Never, ever brush your hair after it is dry! Instead, keep a wide tooth comb in the shower and comb your hair on days when you have shampooed or conditioned. Don’t use a rough terry cloth towel to “towel dry”, instead, many people prefer to use an old t-shirt, a really old towel that has smoothed out, or even microfiber. Once you get out of the shower, do not to comb or brush your hair again unless it is absolutely necessary to remove knots or distribute product, etc. When you are air drying or diffusing your hair, try not to touch it too much. The more you touch it the more you will cause frizz! Curly hair will always have some fly a ways, so you will have to learn to accept that, but after the above advice will help you to minimize it.

Curly Hair Width

When it comes to styling product, it is helpful to think of the products that you will need in 3 steps: Prep; style; and finish. Don’t let it overwhelm you!

  • First you need to prep the hair with a protectant and/or a product that will prime the hair for your styling product.
  • Next choose styling products that will help enhance or elongate and/or hold your curl. This will help you to control your curl pattern and consistency better. However, don’t get frustrated if your curls are uneven at the roots or ends. Most people’s curl diameter is different on different parts of the head. Just learn to love your curls anyway!
  • Lastly, you will need a finishing product, such as hair spray.

Talk to your stylist about what they recommend and notice that they almost always use at least three products. Curls are three-dimensional which means they absorb light and look dull. Because of this it is helpful to choose products that will add moisture and shine (moisture and shine are your friends!). Have fun and play around with different products until you find the ones that work best for your particular curls. Talk to people with curly hair and find out what they use, but remember that everyone’s curls are different, so what works for them may not work for you.

Although curly hair does require a bit more care and maintenance, with a little bit of effort and practice you too can have gorgeous locks. Love your texture and make sure you show it off to the world!!

Heather Mogel of Cre Hair Studio

~Heather Mogel, CEO, Cré Hair Studio