I’m Intrigued By All The Beautiful People Next To Me…


It’s not a black thing, It’s not a white thing, It’s a confidence thing…

Curly Hair

We don’t fit the cookie cutter image,
We are few and proud like a small village,
They say curly hair is vintage,
But they’ve got no brains and they’re spineless,
Because our style is timeless…

Curly hair isn’t a trend,
It’s been with us since we left Africa and it’ll be with us till the end,
Do you understand my friends, we transcend,
to those that keep it in locks, I commend…

With only one look you took my curls are mood enhancing,
Turns you on make you want to start romancing…

I choose to be chemical free like organic tea,
This is the only way to go I guarantee,
Give it a try and I’m sure you’ll agree,
Natural people are of amazing beauty…

curly hair in iran four

Nature at it’s best,
We all pass the sexy test,
Pro-curl, pro-twirl, pro-whirl,
We’re special and rare like a pearl…

If you have frizzy frustrations and you can’t get rid of those complications,
Then call me I give free consultations.
Matter of fact, no need for a contract,
909-287-4773 just pick up your phone and dial that!!