Kimberly’s Awesome Curly Hair

Kimberly has been an amazing representer of the GRO YO FRO movement for years! She loves house music, has a ton of energy, and has a fro that I know a ton of ladies would kill to have. She recently got a GRO YO FRO tri-blend shirt and shared with us her thoughts about her awesome curly hair:

I LOVE my hair.   My love affair with my hair goes back 20 years and the only thing that comes between me and my fro is a comb.  I love the way it defies gravity, I love its freedom, and rebelliousness.  I love that it’s big, complicated, and sexy.  I love that I can wear curly q’s, a full on Afro, and anything in between.  When I go out in public, it catches passersby’s eyes and I often wonder if they secretly wish they could rock their hair the way I do; probably so.  I’m honored that God blessed me with something so unique and fabulous and it’s all mine.  For all these great things I love about my fro, the only downside to it is not my fro at all, it’s when I forget to reshape it after I’ve leaned my head against something (hahaha).

Caring for my hair is an act of love because love means having patience, taking time and effort.  I wash and condition my hair once per week and I use natural moisturizers, sometimes coconut oil, sometimes mixture of shea butter, coconut, or olive oil.  It really depends on my mood; and I put a whole lot of it in after the wash.  Then I twist it up, let it air dry, then comb it out with my fingers.  At night, I comb it out with a wide toothed comb and twist it up.  I’ll put more oil on it one more time during the week, if needed.

Kinky-poofy is what it is. I’m proud of it, gotta love it!! Gro Yo Fro!!


Kimberly's Awesome Curly Hair Kimberly's Really Awesome Curly Hair


Woot woot, keep up the great work Kim!!