I have a guilty confession my friends, I have a crush on the ladies of Around The Way Curls. Their blog has been a massive inspiration of mine and I visit it often! I have learned so much about women’s hair care and about women’s thoughts/emotions that I do not know where I would be without them! What I like most is that their topics are diverse, posts are filled with pictures, and their writing style keeps me entertained. Most importantly, you can’t forget about the eye candy…

They hustle and stay busy, but thankfully they took some time out to answer some questions that I have wanted to ask for some time! Now without further ado, the beautiful ladies of Around The Way Curls…

Around The Way Curls

1) What are your thoughts about the recent “you can touch my hair” event??

I thought that the event was an unique way to encourage people to talk about black hair whether it be questions about hair texture or hair care. After a volunteer shared her experience at the event on our blog, it was interesting to learn that the most inquisitive and interactive people where other women with kinky, curly textured hair! Who knew!?

2) Do you blog for a living? If not, what do you do? If yes, please tell us how we can follow in your footsteps!

Antoinette and myself have not reached that pinnacle yet in our blogging careers that it can support us financially. In the meanwhile we are deep in the crack game of slinging plates. Confused? We are servers.

3) What is your most favorite thing to blog about?

Initially hair was my favorite thing to blog about but these days I really love to share life experiences with our readers. I think it creates a deeper connection and encourages real reciprocation.

4) Personally, I use to literally HATE my curls up until college for various reasons. Then finally, for a reason I can not pin point, I didn’t go in for a haircut at my normally scheduled time and I quit going for months. One thing led to another and I have loved my fro ever since. I mentioned this story, because I’d like to know if you have a similar story or have you always loved your curls?

I did not love my curls my whole life. Even now there are times when they get on my damn nerves. I finally learned to love my curls because I was tired of the damage that the heat was causing. I just wanted my hair to be healthy. In an effort to learn about better hair care, I discovered the wonderful world of natural hair styling. Never turned back.
Around The Way Curls

5) How do guys react to your naturally curly hair? Have you ever had a tough time with a significant other about it?

Men love my natural hair. The first man to love and encourage my natural hair was my father. I am always wary of men that prefer my hair styled straight over my natural curls and kinks because it makes me feel like I can’t be myself around them entirely or that my natural self doesn’t fit their standards of beauty.

6) What do you think the difference between the word “AFRO” and “FRO” is. I know it may sound like a simple question, but I have gotten some pretty interesting and complex answers over the years. So, I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it.

I feel like “Afro” eludes to Africa or black pride a lot more than “fro”. Fro is the politically correct, watered down version.

7) You are pretty awesome, but if you could be anyone in this world then who would you like to be?

A person completely at peace and self realized.
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